Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drama on the Chama

This is the life!

We bought a river raft this summer and have been having a grand time on the Chama River in Northern New Mexico!

Andrew rowing:

 And smiling, which he usually doesn't let me capture in photos:

And, me smiling:

We brought the girls for a day trip thinking they'd have fun too.  Boy were we wrong!  Lola hated it.

Can you tell how scared she was?  Elsa did ok though.

Since we didn't know we'd be getting a raft this summer, we didn't have any permits lined up, but we were lucky enough to snatch one up from a friend of a friend for a 3 day trip.  The first night we camped at the hot springs, which we had totally to ourselves.  It was amazing to be in the hot springs all alone in the canyon with the river flowing and the cool rain drops on our backs.  Here’s Andrew fishing the first night:

And our trusty boat:

Here's our camp on the 2nd night - a 2nd story view!

Here are some shots of the scenery:

Another of Andrew rowing.  Note the custom, hands-free coozies he fashioned for us:

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