Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Labor Day 2006 with my oldest friend on the way to the Fair.  We can hardly wait!!
Both of our families live across the country (in opposite directions), and I think my biggest challenge as a newlywed has been figuring how to spend Christmas with our families.  As an adult, Christmas has been the one holiday that has remained a constant for me and my family.  As we’ve moved to new cities and had other commitments, Christmas has always been the one time of year that we all come together and do the same thing every year. 

As a married adult, I’ve had to be flexible and…change.  I’m very sentimental, and I love traditions.  I love my traditions, and honestly, I hate to miss them even for a year.  As we still figure things out when it comes to Christmas, I’ve really latched onto Labor Day.  I think most people don’t pay too much attention to Labor Day, but it has become my new constant.  I’ve gone home for Labor Day every year since moving to New Mexico seven years ago.  It’s now my time of year when I do the same thing and see the same people and eat the same food.  For me, it’s one of those days when you remember what you were doing last year, five years ago, ten years ago.

Every Labor Day, my parents pick me up from the airport, and we go to Cossetta’s for dinner.  Every year, I go to the Minnesota State Fair with my oldest friend.  We start our day with the same circuit – pronto pups, cheese curds, lemonade, Democratic mini-doughnuts, and the Fine Arts building.  We always go the Friday before Labor Day so we can see Garrison Keillor at the Grandstand.  Every year, we have a family barbecue on my parents’ deck.  Every year I get together with my girlfriends from high school.  Every year, I go canoeing at the Lakes with my parents.  I love having these traditions!  And this Labor Day 2011, I’ll also be going to a Twins game in their new stadium, seeing my best friend’s new house for the first time, and meeting my sister’s new boyfriend.

Happy Labor Day 2011.

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