Friday, September 2, 2011

Lonely Dog Girl

I know Lola loves me and would protect me at any cost, and she has shown it in many sweet ways over the years, but she has been and always will be Andrew’s girl.  She is fiercely devoted to him and will swim across rivers and lakes and jump off cliffs (much to my dismay) and anything necessary to be near him.  Unless someone waves a piece of meat in her face, she is not easily distracted from watching him and following him around the house.  She likes to keep her eye on him all the time. 

Our first summer together, Andrew went out of town for two whole weeks, and Lola was so mad at me for keeping her from him that she punished me by giving me the cold shoulder and destroying things around the house including my favorite shoes (which were in the very back of the closet behind lots of stuff, including all of the other shoes in the house).  For several years, anytime Andrew left the house, she’d spend the whole time staring at the backdoor.  She has lightened up now that she’s older, but she still hasn’t gotten over being worried when he’s not home.  She’s fine when it’s part of the routine, but if she knows he’s supposed to be there and he’s not, she’s very distraught. 

The other night we came home from work like usual and went to the gym.  Andrew was going to a movie with some friends so I dropped him off at the theatre on the way home, and I retuned alone. Yikes!  Poor Lola spent the whole evening like this:

Not too comfy, girl!

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