Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Metrodome Memories

A few years ago when the Twins were building their new stadium, MPR (MN public radio) requested listeners to submit their favorite Metrodome memories.  The Metrodome is the stadium the Twins played in until recently and that the Vikings still play in.  You may remember it from when the roof collapsed last winter from so much snow.

The last game we went to at the Metrodome.  Notice all of the empty seats...
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I was lucky enough that the Twins won two World Series during my childhood in 1987 and 1991. So, of course, I have lots of fond Twins and Metrodome memories. The memory I submitted was going downtown after they won the 1987 series and sitting in the blue plastic seats at the Dome for the celebration with my mom. All of the players sat in the back of convertibles, and they drove around the field. I waved my homer hanky like there was no tomorrow and danced my heart out to “My Baby Does the Homer Hanky,” which they had played on tv all season long and again in 1991. When I was in college, I was driving around with my dad in the car and the real song – “My Baby Does the Hanky Panky” – came on, and I was shocked that it wasn’t “Homer Hanky.” I hadn’t realized that it was actually a real song. My dad thought that was pretty funny.   

When I was home earlier this month, I went to the new Twins stadium to see them play the White Sox. I haven’t been to a Twins game in about 5 years. The new stadium is a lot slicker, and honestly, a lot nicer than the Dome, but it did bring back some good childhood memories. Apparently, people only wave Homer Hankies anymore when the Twins are having a good season, and they’re doing terribly this year. We also didn’t get to do the wave. Do people even do that anymore?

Minneapolis and St. Paul light up and shake hands when the Twins score

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