Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I’ve been diligently saving my frequent flier miles on Northwest (now Delta) for the past 14 years. I used some of my miles to visit Rosie in Paris for New Year’s about 5 years (!) ago, and that’s it. Since Delta has purchased Northwest, I needed to use my miles by 2012 or lose them. I have enough miles for us to take a trip to Central America. Yay!

We’ve I’ve spent months researching and trying to pick which country we’ll visit. We want wild, deserted beaches (plages sauvages), relaxing, fishing, beautiful scenery and maybe some adventure. We loved Mexico when we were there for our honeymoon, but the areas that are most appealing to us are relatively inexpensive to fly to. (I think it might be my Midwestern sensibilities, but I’m planning on getting maximum value from my miles, and I want to fly to someplace that is really expensive to fly to.) We ruled out Belize because again, it seems fairly easy and inexpensive to get to. Everyone goes to Costa Rica, and that doesn’t seem very exciting. Honduras seems kinda dangerous. Guatemala and El Salvador just don’t seem to fit the bill of what we’re looking for on this trip. It came down to Nicaragua and Panama. In the end Panama sounds amazing, but the interesting parts are pretty remote and hard to get to. With such a short time, that won’t work for us.

Nicaragua it is! Beautiful, empty beaches (I LURVE plages sauvages); the safest country in Central America; accessible and easy fishing (we’ll be able to fish from the beach in front of our hotel); and GORGEOUS!! And for adventure… we’ll be flying to the Corn Islands off the Carribbean Coast on the national airline, which, as the guidebook tells us, will allow us to relive the glamour (and fear) of early aviation.

Also a bonus, I checked the rates for flights to each country in Central America, and flying to Managua is the most expensive!

Really, Nicaragua had me at the Corn Islands. Just look at these pictures.

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