Thursday, September 15, 2011

September is National Bourbon Month

I’ve just learned from Petite Chablis that September is National Bourbon month. I love themes and holidays and traditions and… Bourbon! So this is a perfect excuse for us to try some new bourbons this month.

I didn’t think I liked bourbon until about two years ago when we started watching Mad Men. All of those Old Fashioneds that Don Draper is always ordering looked pretty good, and I wanted to try one. I timidly ordered an Old Fashioned at one of our favorite bars, and I loved the layers and robustness of the drink, the sweetness mixed with the bit of spiciness from the bitters and of course that feeling of warmness you get when you drink bourbon. I also loved loving a classic drink and a pretty sexy one at that!

I started trying different whiskeys and bourbons, and I discovered pretty quickly that Kentucky Bourbon is my favorite. Happy Bourbon Month!

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