Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tiny Cutie #37

When I met Elsa, her name was Tiny Cute #37. I found her on, and she was at the Los Lunas pound. The people who work there obviously love animals and are doing their best with limited resources, but it’s a rough place. Animals that are found have three days for their owners to collect them and then three days to be adopted before being euthanized. Dogs that are dropped off only have three days to be adopted.

When I first called about her, the man on the phone told me that #37 was gone, and my heart sank. I thought I was too late, but then he put me on hold and looked her up and found her in the system. She was still alive and had one more day for someone to claim her. Someone had dropped her off at the entrance to the pound one night and the workers found her when they showed up the next morning.
looking a little shaggy at Glen Canyon
Another family had signed up before me to adopt her if she came available, but I was persistent and he said I could come and look at her but that I couldn’t actually meet her or touch her. She was in a cage with two other big dogs who had smeared poop all over her. Poor little thing. She was jumping up and down against the front of the cage barking and looking at me like I could rescue her from this scary situation. I looked her in the eyes that morning and told her I was going to love her forever.
Luckily no one claimed her and the other family that had signed up for adoption couldn’t be reached. I called so many times and then had Andrew start calling that they finally said I could just come and get her.
 I am totally in love with this dog girl!


  1. What a beautiful story! Thank god you were persistent. This is the kind of dog America wants to see! I think we could even handle more pictures.

  2. There are a lot more cute photos of Elsa to choose from so I'll keep them coming!

  3. Meghan~~

    Elsa is absolutely beautiful and so are you. I am so happy to have met you. You are a lovely woman~ inside and out. I am sure Elsa couldn't be happier!



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