Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Do September

 Eeeek! It’s already September. A little late, but here are my goals for the month:

Nicaragua Trip
  • Make a complete to do list to get ready
  • Try really hard to line up a dog sitting solution
  • Review and refine the itinerary
  • Refine the budget
  • Book Corn Island tickets
  • Download Spanish podcasts
  • Start a packing list
  • Finish shoveling gravel out of the front yard
  • Deal with the weed situation in the front yard
  • Finish sanding the front door
  • Make a donation to the ReStore
  • Go to the cabin
  • Plan a fun trip for my parents’ visit in October
  • Attend the Greek Festival, which we haven’t been to since moving out of ABQ
  • Go camping at Santa Barbara Canyon
  • Play tennis at least one night per week
Other Stuff
  • Make a clothing donation
  • Write to my host family from college
  • Stay committed to my health and wellness goals
  • Haircut for Elsa

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