Friday, September 9, 2011

Viva Las Fiestas & Adios Gloom

It’s Fiesta Weekend in Santa Fe, and the festivities kicked off with the burning of Zozobra or Old Man Gloom on Thursday night. Zozobra is a 50’ tall marionette that embodies gloom and hardship, and by burning him, we wipe out our previous year’s worries and troubles. Tens of thousands of people (we only have about 65,000 residents) gather at a park near the plaza to chant “Burn him, burn him!!” and watch him go up in flames along with our worries and gloom. The first year I went, I thought the whole thing seemed pretty weird.

But, man, I needed to let go of some gloom this year – worries and disappointments that have been weighing me down and that are out of my control – the economy, some bad luck, sadness for close ones who are going through hard stuff, discouraging job situations, and stressful projects.

Good bye to the gloom.  It feels good to let it go and focus on all of the positive things and move forward.

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