Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner: Appetizers

Thanksgiving Apéritifs.  Sorry for the crappy photo, but I love these glasses.  I got them from my grandma's house after she died.  We didn't have wine glasses at the cabin yet so we had to make due with these.
For Thanksgiving appetizers, I like dishes that are easy to prepare and that can be made ahead of time. These are three of my favorites that are always crowd pleasers. I guess my crowds really LOVE cheese…

I like to serve Prosecco with pomegranate juice and seeds as the apéritif of choice to accompany my appetizers. The pretty red seeds dance around in your glass, and it is fun and festive.

Herbed Cheese Log with Nuts
This recipe is from a 1970s Sunset Magazine appetizer hors d’oeuvres cookbook that I found at the thrift store. There is a whole section on nut-studded appetizer cheeses! This is the poor man’s version of Boursin (and better in my opinion).

Beat together until blended 1 small package (3 oz) cream cheese (at room temperature), 2 large cloves garlic (minced), 1 teaspoon fine herbs (or ¼ tsp each of crumbled thyme and oregano leaves and 1/8 teaspoon each of rubbed sage, crumbled marjoram leaves, dry rosemary, and dry basil) and ¼ teaspoon salt. Wrap with clear plastic wrap, shape into a log and chill; then unwrap and cover with toasted pine nuts or slivered almonds. Serve with radishes, green pepper strips, zucchini slices, and crackers.

It's super time consuming to stick in all of those nuts so in practice, mine looks a little more bare.

Bacon Wrapped Figs Stuffed with Goat Cheese
Who doesn’t love bacon and goat cheese?? This recipe is courtesy of Rosie, my oldest friend. She brought them to my bridal shower a few years ago, and they were a big hit.  This isn’t an exacting recipe so here’s the general idea:

Dried Figs
Goat Cheese
High quality, thick cut bacon

Slice the figs open lengthwise and stuff with about a half teaspoon of goat cheese. Press the figs shut. Set aside. Using a knife or kitchen scissor, cut the strips of bacon in half. Cook over low heat until they are about ¾ of the way cooked. They should still be pliable. Wrap each stuffed fig with a strip of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place the wrapped figs on a rack on a rimmed baking sheet. The rimmed baking sheet will catch the grease that runs off while baking. Bake for about 10 minutes at 300 degrees or until bacon is finished cooking and the figs are warmed through.

Lemon-Pesto Goat Cheese Dip with Crudités
This dip is light and fresh and creamy. Use homemade pesto or good quality store bought and adjust lemon juice and zest according to tastes. Serve with fresh veggies and toasted baguette slices and/or crackers. (After looking up the link on epicurious, I see that this has received some mixed reviews, but I’ve always loved it and have had nothing but rave reviews when I serve it. I guess some people may not like goat cheese and/or lemon as much as I do.)


  1. Oh yummy, I forgot about those figs Rosie made. I am definitely going to try those. Thanks!

  2. that herbed cheese log deal would go over great with my family! Thanks for the idea. It sounds so godd!

  3. That cheese-nut hedgehog looks amazing! I'm going to try one.

  4. I think you'll love the cheese nut logs. They are tasty and always draw a lot of attention!


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