Monday, November 28, 2011

Buffalo Trace

I was excited to try some new bourbons last month for National Bourbon Month. I was hoping to find a less expensive “everyday” bourbon, but that was a huge FAIL as I’ve found anything less expensive than what we normally drink is undrinkable and headache inducing (something about getting older I guess, but I just can’t drink cheap liquor without getting a hangover). I do have a good lead from our friend John who is a rancher and drinker of excellent bourbon who drinks Weller Bourbon as his everyday bourbon so I’m going to have to check that out.

In the meantime, we’re sticking with Buffalo Trace as our everyday bourbon. I love the smoothness and tiny bit of sweetness.

We “discovered” Buffalo Trace two years ago at our wedding. My dad really wanted to buy John, the owner of the ranch, a bottle of bourbon to thank him for hosting the wedding. I didn’t drink bourbon back then, and I had no idea what to get so my dad took to the interwebs. He began researching and found the phone number for one of the other family ranches in Texas. He called over there and they referred him to another guy in the accounting office who said with total certainty that John’s preferred bourbon is Buffalo Trace, which, as it turned out, was easy to find and inexpensive.

So, my dad brought some Buffalo Trace down for the wedding and gave it to John. My dad was quite pleased that he had found John’s favorite bourbon. The day after the wedding, we had a great time sitting around the main house drinking bourbon with our parents, John and his wife, and the ranch manager and his wife (who was also our photographer). After a couple of glasses, John remarked that this bourbon is pretty good, and my dad was, of course, surprised. It turns out that John had never heard of Buffalo Trace before, but we all agreed that it was pretty good, and we’ve been drinking it ever since.

UPDATE: I just googled Weller Bourbon, and it turns out that it is now bottled by the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Maybe that solves the mystery as to why the accountant was so certain that John drinks Buffalo Trace. We’ll have to do a taste test comparison!


  1. That update is very interesting! I favor Maker's Mark or Buffalo Trace (also thanks to Scott!) for everyday, but I got a bottle of Woodford Reserve last week, and it's making everything else taste ridiculous.

  2. I like woodford reserve too! I believe it's the official bourbon of the kentucky derby. I find the maker's mark too sweet so I stay away from that. We've been drinking bulleit mostly lately in addition to buffalo trace, and we just picked up a fancy bottle of blanton's as a splurge for ourselves.


Hey, thank you!

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