Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I laughed when I saw this slide show on Slate.com to test your gaybardar. A few weeks ago, we wanted to grab a quick drink before our dinner reservations. We stopped in for a drink at a new bar (well, I don’t really know how new it is because we don’t stroll around downtown very often anymore, but it was new to us).

After we had ordered and been served, we noticed that this is a gay bar. We took note so we can bring Andrew’s brother there in December when he’s visiting. We’ve promised him that Santa Fe is crawling with the gays, and we don’t want to disappoint. We are one of the gayest cities in America after all!

There was a family of touristos sitting near the door. From what we could tell, it was a woman and her husband and the woman’s parents. They were drinking chocolate martinis and talking loudly about the Simpsons and Glenn Close in Damages. About a half hour after we sat down, the family realized that they were at a gay bar and were obviously totally embarrassed. They high tailed it out of there pretty fast.

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