Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Goal

Fishing in the bio-preserve near Tulum on our honeymoon.
I really only have one big goal for November. I want to spend a relaxing and slow vacation with Andrew in Nicaragua. My goal this month is to be flexible, adventurous, and laid back. I have lots I want to do - I want to see Olive Ridley turtles laying their eggs on the beaches near San Juan del Sur, go deep sea fishing, kayak on Rio Istian, climb Volcan Maderas, catch bonefish from the beach, swim in Lake Nicaragua, try zip lining, and snooze on the beaches of Little Corn Island – but my goal is to just go with the flow. I know no matter what we do, it will be an amazing experience.

Cheers to embracing the Nicaraguan sentiment – Hay más tiempo que vida (there is more time than life).

We have a lot to do to finish getting ready and a big to-do list, but I know it will all get done.

Here’s how I did on my October goals:

Nica trip: Get serious and start making hotel and plane reservations. – Yes, we have reservations, plane tickets, vaccinations and a long to-do list for the rest of it.

□ Bring rest of the gravel to the neighbor’s house. – A friend has taken most of the rest of the gravel, and our yard is now almost gravel-free.
□ Start preparing raised beds for winter. - Yes
□ Clean out our plot at the community garden. – No, I think we might just let this wait until the spring.

□ Celebrate our anniversary! – Yes!
□ Go to the ranch. – Yes, we had a great time relaxing at the ranch.


  1. I loved San Juan del Sur when I went (15 years ago, so it may have changed a bit).
    I am psyched to hear how it is now.

  2. Did you get to see the turtles? I'm really hoping our timing coincides with getting to see them. I'll definitely post photos when we get back.


Hey, thank you!

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