Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Learning to Change a Little...

We spent Christmas in Santa Fe with Andrew’s family this year. Santa Fe has so many lovely holiday traditions and with our recent snow storms, it has been a beautiful December this year. I’ve been missing my Minnesota holiday traditions, but I’ve been trying my hardest to be a good sport and focus on the new ones we’re making in New Mexico. As I’ve written about before, one of the hardest things about being married has been navigating where we spend our holidays. The truth is, if I had my way, we’d spend every Christmas in Minnesota, but I’m not in charge and this is a good lesson in partnership and compromise and flexibility and openness.

This Christmas was much easier than the first one I spent away from Minnesota, and I only had one minor breakdown of crying in the bathroom. That darn Bing Crosby and his crooning about no place like home for the holidays… (ack, just thinking about it makes me want to burst into tears – that song should be banned from Pandora)

Here are some of our new traditions in the making chez MeghAndrew:

Christmas skiing – It was a bit of a war zone on the mountain last weekend, but we still had fun. We had a good laugh at this photo because Zach looks like a giant next to me.

Farolito walk on Canyon Road – Christmas carols and bonfires and pretty decorations and warming up at our friend Jennifer’s Christmas eve party.

A crowned pork rib roast for Christmas dinner – Isn’t it a beaut? We could have easily served a dozen people with all of that food, but we’ve been enjoying good pork sandwiches as leftovers. I served my favorite Brussels Sprouts on the side sautéed in butter and garlic and served with toasted pecans and little sea salt. My family in Minnesota likes them so much that they even make them the years I’m not there. My brother cooked them this year in Minnesota.

Lemon Tart to harness the energy of the sun as we enter 2012 (I sound like I’ve been in New Mexico too long) – This is one of my favorite recipes to make because it reminds me of my friend Rosie and all of the good food we’ve cooked and eaten together AND who couldn’t use a little energy from the sun as we enter a new year??  Somehow I missed a photo of the tart, but I'm sure we'll be making another soon.

(New) Mexican Christmas Salad - A pretty salad with beets, jicama (as you can see ours is missing it this year because they were out at the grocery) and oranges topped with toasted peanuts.

These new traditions have been fun, and since Andrew’s family was in town, we got to enjoy several of their traditions as well – Panettone bread pudding and mimosas on Christmas morning while opening presents, stockings from childhood, and Andrew’s dad’s famous potato soup.


  1. Oh, Meghan, if I were in charge, you would spend every Christmas in Minnesota, too, but I guess we can all grow from this experience. It sounds like a real fun celebration! I'm still jealous of all your snow! We still have none. NONE! Can you believe it? What kind of a place is this?

  2. Oh gosh, sometimes I wish we WERE in charge!


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