Tuesday, January 24, 2012

At Home on Ometepe Island

The view toward the lake and cabins.

When we were in Nicaragua last fall, we stayed on a sweet little farm called Finca Mystica on Ometepe Island. It is run by an American couple from Colorado, and it has four little cabins you can rent with views of the lake and beautiful sunsets. I randomly found it on trip advisor, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but we felt right at home in our cabin, which could totally be in Taos (although the setting is so different).

The cabin is made out of cob, which is similar to adobe. The look and feel of the buildings at Finca Mystica, which even had bottles in the walls, reminds me so much of handmade houses on the mesa.

When we mentioned that it reminded us a lot of the area where we have our cabin, they even asked if we are on Two Peaks or Three Peaks – most people in New Mexico have never been there so it is crazy to travel all the way to Nicaragua and meet someone who has been to Two Peaks!!

Even the bumpy driveway reminded us of the mesa.

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