Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Blue Eye

Today is Lola’s seven year anniversary with us. I can’t believe we’ve been together for so long.

This dog has truly changed my life. I met her at a time when I was feeling a little lonely in a new city and a little overwhelmed in a graduate program I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in. There is just something special about spending time with a dog that makes me so happy.

oh, puppy Lola, I miss getting to pick you up.

I know Lola will always be special to us in our lives. She was the first dog either of us had as adults, and she has been an integral part of our relationship. When I think of our first years dating or living in that shady house in the north valley or our grandparents dying or moving to Santa Fe or getting married, she has been with us through it all.

She is the smartest and most sensitive dog I’ve ever known, and when I’m upset or scared, she surprises me with her ability to seemingly understand how I’m feeling and comfort me. I know this dog would walk into to traffic for me and protect me with her life.

I’ve always said life is so much happier with a dog around, and Lola brightens my day everyday. She is always reminding me that work can wait, housecleaning can wait, all that practical stuff can wait because now is the best time to have some fun and run free. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Cheers to my sweet girl . Boof, long life, happy living!


  1. What a cutie!
    We've had our first dog for nearly two years, and life is so much more fun with her around. Owen's parents looked after her for a week when we were going away, and our house was so quiet without her (although it was also a lot less hairy, she shed's sooo much)

  2. Don't tell anyone (Sprocket would probably be embarrassed) but I pick up my 85 pound fuzzy every could of days just because I miss when he was little.

    Isn't it crazy how dogs get to be part of the family in a totally real way?

    Happy 7 years with Lola!

  3. Bridey - yes, it is so much quieter without the dogs around. I'm always talking to them and interacting with them so I really miss them when I'm home without them, which luckily doesn't happen very often.

    Beth - wow, you're a strong lady! Andrew likes to pick up Lola, and she's embarrassed by it too, but I think she does kind of like it.


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