Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughts on Traveling

On our trip to Nicaragua in November, I traveled differently than I ever have before. I deliberately planned a very slow vacation. We spent three weeks and visited four places. When the guidebook said to spend three days somewhere, I planned for twice as many. We even spent eight whole days on a teeny island off the coast doing nothing but spending our days on the beach fishing, reading and swimming.

When I travel and spend so much money and precious annual leave to go on vacation, I feel like I really need to make the absolute most of it. In the past, when I was younger, that meant cramming as many museums and famous sites as possible into my vacation. On this vacation, it meant giving myself permission to do exactly what I wanted to each day – even if that was only sleeping and eating and reading – and letting go of the thoughts about what I should be doing. It felt great.

The other thing about this vacation that is different that other vacations I've taken is that we traveled to a place mostly for its natural beauty. I've always ever traveled to Europe before and my vacations were packed full of museums, sights, relics and good restaurants. In Nicaragua, we mostly went seeking beautiful beaches, volcanoes and sunsets.

Before we took our trip, I thought that we’d wait another five years or so before we would take another big trip, but while on vacation, we both realized that we need to do this more often. This way of traveling is so much more relaxing and rejuvenating. I’m hooked!


  1. Hmm, I really need to take this travelling philosophy to heart. I definitely have the problem of trying to do too many things on holidays.

    I found it easier though when I gave myself permission not to visit museums or galleries - I'd rather see ruins or wander the streets, and I hate waiting in line!

  2. We've been pushing ourselves really hard to get things paid off while I have so little vacation time (seriously? 12 days paid? and my boss wants to fight me on more unpaid?) so in a couple of years I can bargain for more time off and not have to worry about the raise piece so much.

    BUT I'm starting to get antsy. Forrest, who is the traveling sort of the two of us, doesn't seem too horribly concerned at all (or he's playing it that way so I don't feel guilty). I want another big trip so badly. I want another stamp in my passport.

    It's time to start thinking that way...


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