Monday, February 13, 2012

A (Forcibly) Balanced Weekend


We spent three evenings and our lunch hours last week preparing a shipment for our side job (jeez, that sounds like we're doing something illicit, but we're just doing some work for Andrew's dad), and we were busy, busy, busy! Sometimes I think we take on too much, and it caught up with us this weekend. We spent half of our weekend hosting friends in Santa Fe, skiing, catching up, cooking tasty food and drinking wine and the other half at home, sick, laying around on the couch, napping, watching tv, knitting, and too sick to leave the house. I guess the universe is telling us that if we don't do a better job of finding balance in our lives, it will be forced on us.


  1. Yes! All that busyness catches up with you for sure! After a few crazy weeks I'm trying to slow down myself.

  2. I hope you guys are feeling better. Sometimes a lazy weekend is so necessary, I'm naturally lazy and don't have a problem fitting them in!


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