Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homemade Wind Generator on Little Corn Island

During our trip to Nicaragua in November we spent eight days on Little Corn Island. In addition to the plages sauvages, one of the things that drew us to the Corn Islands was the sense of wildness and isolation. We stayed on Little Corn Island, which is about a square mile with no roads, cars or big development. Before we went, we had the sense that it would be a little like being on the mesa (near Taos where we have our cabin) only with beaches. It did not disappoint!

We took a plane to Big Corn Island where we boarded a panga for Little Corn, and after arriving there, we walked for about 45 minutes through the dark and muddy jungle before we reached our cabin. When we woke up the next morning and checked it out in the sunlight, here is what we saw:

There is no grid on Little Corn so hotels are responsible for generating their own electricity. We stayed at a farm called Farm Peace and Love (cheesy hippie dippie name – another similarity with the mesa). The owner has rigged up this amazing wind generator to power the main house and the cabin we rented. Again, this could totally be in Taos!


  1. That is very impressive, and looks so much better than boring white wind turbines!

  2. My friends joan/marty & Captian ron/kathy just spent 3 weeks down at Farm peace love in little corn. Diving and soaking in the sun. I will pass your blog site on to them. they'll get a kick out of seeing your post. I hope to be heading down next year ;-}


Hey, thank you!

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