Monday, March 5, 2012

The Desire to Hunker Down

I come from a place so wonderful and beautiful and perfect that most people don’t leave it. I was one of the fools who wandered off to try something new and ended up in the Land of Enchantment Entrapment. Yes, my people are a hunkering down people. With the exception of one cousin who lives in Washington, D.C. all of my people are still in Minnesota. I doubt my parents will ever leave Northeast Minneapolis, let alone Minnesota. I love the loyalty of Minnesotans, and even though I don’t actively live there anymore, I still consider it my home. As Andrew likes to say, I currently reside in New Mexico, but my heart lives in Minneapolis. I do love New Mexico, but it is a much different love than my love for Minnesota.

Andrew on the other hand comes from an opposite people. His mom is from Memphis, his dad from San Antonio, they met in Nashville, and have lived in Manhattan, Illinois, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Portland during Andrew’s thirty years. His mom talks about moving to Africa or maybe Italy. Everyplace is on the table for them.

All of that moving growing up and not really having a home beyond where his parents are currently living has made Andrew a hunkering down people too. He moved to New Mexico with the plan to stay for a pretty long time and make his own home. I moved here with the plan to stay for two years of graduate school and move back to the wonderful land of milk and honey as quickly as possible. That was eight years ago.

So, here we are - two hunkering down people making a life in New Mexico. Sometimes I think about leaving and moving someplace new, and I wonder if we’ll ever do it. But, New Mexico is a place we both love and that makes us happy. I don’t’ know if we could find that balance somewhere else. Salt Lake City has been looking pretty appealing to me lately – being in a real city with lots of restaurants and entertainment, a bigger job market, more affordable housing choices and still with access to the mountains, amazing recreation opportunities, natural beauty. That seems like a pretty good place to hunker down too.

One thing is for sure, wherever we are, we’ll be hunkering down!


  1. I'm a hunkering down people too. I've lived in a couple of other countries (for a couple of months at a time) but the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand will always be home and the place I go back to.

    I'd still love to live in Rarotonga and also France at some point, but only short term and then it would be back to hunkering down again!

  2. With only a few exceptions, my mom and dad's families are all in my within a fifteen mile radius from each other. First I thought I'd go back there too after college. Then I thought F and I would find a place to hunker down together. Now, I'm not so sure... There's reasons that Mullan can't be the place we do that but I'm not sure the IS anywhere we can do that forever. At least not yet.

  3. Replies
    1. I want to take a ski vacation to SLC next winter to test the waters.

    2. Do it. And let me know when!

  4. Chris got his PhD at Arizona State, where he works now. He never liked Arizona (too hot, too conservative) and SWORE he’d never return. Well, look where he got a job after his post-doc, and where I moved to follow him! At first we thought AZ would be really temporary. But now it’s really growing on us and I could see us here long-term! But who knows what the future holds, I’d be up for an adventure and moving somewhere new if it seemed like the right thing…

    1. New Mexico was only temporary for me at one point too. I only came here for a 2 year graduate program, and I ended up loving it and staying.


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