Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drinking Local: Gruet Sparkling Wine

I like to mark milestones and special occasions with a fun and festive glass of sparkling wine. Lucky for us, we've had lots of occasions to drink sparkling wine at our house lately - starting new jobs, skiing breakthroughs, New Mexico statehood, accomplishing goals, etc. We always drink Gruet sparkling wine - usually the Blanc de Noirs - but if you can find it, the Gruet Sauvage is my favorite. The Gruet Winery is located in New Mexico and run by a brother and sister team from the Champagne region of France. They grow their grapes on a vineyard near Truth or Consequences in Southern New Mexico.

Gruet's website describes the Blanc de Noirs as rich and toasty, balanced and superb. I find it light and pleasing, dry with just a hint of fruitiness and all around refreshing. A great way to celebrate any occasion!

This is a tasty and affordable sparking wine. It sells for $14.99 a bottle here, but I often find it on sale for $12.99. Unless I'm buying French Champagne, which I really can't afford, I stick with Gruet.

We served Gruet at our wedding, and it was a hit.


  1. That last picture makes me so so happy.

    And I'm adding Gruet to my wineries to visit list...

    1. the last photo was taken right after our ceremony when we had 15 minutes to ourselves before we saw everyone. It was an awesome moment!

      The Gruet wine is fantastic, and if you're in ABQ it's worth a stop at the winery, but it's in a really weird location along the side of the highway down the street from a Target. So, not really a destination but definitely worth visiting if you're in the neighborhood.


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