Tuesday, March 27, 2012

National Park Week: Canyonlands or Capitol Reef?

Did you all know that it is National Park Week from April 21-29? Admission is free to all parks during that week. We just found out about it ourselves, and we've decided to plan a quick camping trip to take advantage.

Moab 2007

We're trying to decide between going to Moab and visiting Canyonlands or going to Capitol Reef. Thoughts anyone??

I always love, love, love going to Moab, and we haven't been in almost two years. Andrew and I took our first camping trip there when we started dating. At the time, I had never been to Southern Utah, and we arrived late at night in the dark. When I unzipped the tent in the morning, I was blown away by the beauty and massiveness of the red rocks. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Plus, the last time we were there, we found a sweet and isolated camping spot near one of the entrances to Canyonlands.

Our other choice is Capitol Reef, which I've never visited.  We drove through on the way home from Portland several years ago, and we've been wanting to go ever since.

I don't think we can go wrong with this choice!


  1. Oooh you woke up in Moab the first time you went! Forrest was trying to do that to me the first time we went there but we didn't quite make it.

    I'm always a proponent of going to Moab BUT considering you haven't been to Capitol Reef go check it out.

    But also do tell me what canyon you found those lovely formations in so I can go see. :-)

    1. Yes, waking up in Moab for the first time was a real treat!

      This photo is actually north of Moab in Little Wild Horse Canyon. It's on BLM so you can bring your dog. This is an amazing hike! Andrew has been going there since he was little and it was less known, but I just googled it and it seems to be pretty popular now. Even so I think you'll love it.

  2. I haven't been to Canyonlands but last year I got to go to Capitol Reef for work, it was so awesome!! And Sunset magazine named it one of the "unknown" National Park gems (or something like that) this year. But you're right, you can't go wrong!

    1. oh you're so lucky you got to go sweet places like that for work!

  3. Capitol Reef will likely be far less crowded so I'd pick that.

  4. I love camping! I'd find it hard to pick between the two as well, I'm sure either would be awesome!


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