Thursday, March 1, 2012

Needle Thursdays*

*so named by Andrew because I go to acupuncture followed by knitting club.

I came home from acupuncture tonight and felt great. I have no medical training, and I only know my personal experience, but I thought I'd share it with you. I went in this afternoon feeling grumpy and tired, and I left feeling happy and energized. It feels like a treat every time I go.

I suffered from terrible sinus trouble for half my life that made me feel like my head was in a cloud pretty much all of the time. There were a few clear days when I felt good, and it was remarkable because I realized just how badly I felt most of the time.

I started going to acupuncture about three years ago for my sinus pain and allergies. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had gone to every type of doctor and specialist possible through my insurance in Western medicine. I was taking sudafed daily, and I knew that couldn't go on for the rest of my life, but I saw no relief in sight. A friend recommended her acupuncturist who conveniently accepted my insurance.

It took a few months of weekly visits for my body to expel whatever it was that was lodged in my sinuses, but it worked. As my acupuncturist said, you've had this problem for 15 years, it's not going to go away in a couple of weeks. It took my body a while to find its balance, but I'm happy to report that I haven't taken sudafed since! I feel soooo much better now than I did a few years ago when I constantly had sinus headaches and pain in my face, teeth and neck.

Since I started going three years ago, I've had treatments for more than just sinus pain and allergies. She can also boost my immune system and help rid my body of toxins, reduce stress, alleviate muscle pain, promote digestive health, and lots more. 

Going to acupuncture treatment is so relaxing and calming. The setting feels a lot like a spa, and she even gives me a neck massage before the treatment and a back massage after.

During the allergy season, I go every other week or so, and when it is really bad, I go every week. For the rest of the year, I go every two to three weeks for maintenance treatments. It is very affordable ($15 per visit with my insurance), and I feel much more comfortable with this treatment versus medication.

Do you go to acupuncture or use any other "alternative" medecines?


  1. Haha, needle Thursdays! I've heard mixed reviews of acupuncture but haven't tried it myself although I'm not opposed. I'm glad it you've found so much relief, that is a significant improvement!

    1. I have nothing but good stuff to say about acupuncture, but I've heard mixed reviews from friends who have gone to their regular medical doctor for acupuncture treatments. I'd recommend a doctor with training in chinese medicine.


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