Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springing Ahead

I’ve been rooting hard for winter this year - eating my fair share of crêpes to give winter vigeur, praying for more snow and planning lots of hearty après-ski dinners, but in a matter of days my entire state of mind has changed. Funny how it happens so fast.

We’ve been skiing every weekend since December and we just had another blizzard on Friday with 11 inches of snow so it has been a great winter, but I stayed home from the ski basin on Sunday and I was blown away by how warm it was in town.

I went to the garden store, planned out our SFG boxes, planted our seed starts and even hung out in the backyard where our bulbs are popping up. According to our water wise calendar we’re supposed to start watering this month, which felt impossible last week, but with the time change and warm sunny evenings this week, it really feels like spring.

I may be getting ahead of myself because we’re expecting another blizzard this weekend, and I’ll be honest, a few more weeks of skiing sounds pretty good. But, this week, I’ve been enjoying opening windows, propping the back door open, playing with the girls in the backyard and feeling like summer is just around the corner.

It feels so good to open the house up and let fresh air in!

I’m excited to start making our summer plans. We’re going to build a fence in our front yard, figure out what to do about the cabin, plant and eat lots of tasty veggies, finally try grilled pizza (Kelsey's tutorial last fall convinced me we can do it!), go on the Princeton trip, and bag a few peaks (so fun to say!). Unfortunately, we didn’t pull any rafting permits of our own this year, which is a real bummer, but it means that we’ll make some new friends tagging along on other peoples’ trips.

Happy springing ahead!


  1. That last photo cracked me up - it seems like our dog spends half her life in that pose and it always makes me laugh :)

    1. It's pretty cute when they do that, huh? Lola does it to get our attention and to show off for guests.


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