Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The American Star

Just one more reason my new job is a better fit for me - I spent two days last week at our City's water fiesta teaching fourth graders about healthy rivers. It was so fun being around the kiddies.

Before I moved to New Mexico I taught English to eight to twelve year olds in France, and it was so frickin' much fun. Being around the fourth graders this week brought back lots of sweet memories.

I loved my students, and they loved me, which I loved even more. One of my students once told me so sincerely - and this is an exact translation - that she loved me almost as much as she loved her own mother. If that doesn't make your heart melt, then I don't know what will.

I taught at four different schools in town, and one day my English lesson coincided with a field trip to see an assembly downtown so I attended with my students. As it turned out, all of the schools in town were attending the same event. When I got off of the bus with one of my classes, all of my other students from the other schools started waving and cheering and yelling my name (it was a really small town and being a foreigner was a real novelty and of course English was everyone's favorite class). One of the teachers turned to me and said, "C'est Mégane, notre star Américaine!" (It's Meghan, our American star!)


  1. That's so sweet!

    Teaching kids is fun, I love my piano students who are 5-10 year olds. One of my past students used to chase my car down the street, waving, when I left - so cute!


Hey, thank you!

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