Thursday, April 5, 2012

Come With

We were watching Midnight in Paris the other night, and there is a scene where F. Scott Fitzgerald asks Ernest Hemingway to come with him and leave the bar. Fitzgerald asks Hemingway to "come with." Not "come with me," just "come with."

Now, this is something I wouldn't have noticed because that's what I would say too, but Andrew immediately remarked how odd it is that Fitzgerald says "come with" because he's only ever heard Minnesotans say that. And for a split second, I almost didn't remember that F. Scott Fitzgerald is from Minnesota!

So, folks, is Woody Allen that attentive to details? Non-Minnesotans out there - do any of you also say "come with?"

p.s. a fun fact (for me at least) is that "come with" is the first thing I ever said to Andrew:
Me: I'm going to get my U card. Want to come with?
Andrew: Sure, of course, I would love to with you anywhere!!  (or something along those lines...)
(He waited a few weeks to point out how odd he thinks it is that Minnesotans say "come with.")

p.p.s. Did you notice Carla Bruni is also in this film playing the tour guide at the Rodin museum?


  1. Whoa. I had no idea that other people don't say "come with." No one has ever busted me on it. Is it just Minnesota, or the whole Upper Midwest? Anyplace else?

    I would be extremely impressed if Woody Allen were that accurate. Maybe people used to say it more in the '20's. Or maybe it's only used by Minnesotans and talented, self-destructive ex-patriates living in Paris.

    1. Andrew has heard some Wisconsinites say it too, but I don't know how far reaching it is.

  2. That is so funny! I never noticed him say that in the movie...probably because it sounded so normal to me, too.

    I love that we Minnesotans say "come with". I've never noticed how Edd says it. Hopefully I've converted him to saying it.

  3. I say "come with"! I'll have to ask Kyle if he thought it was odd when we met. I know he found the "oh...for" construction strange (as in "oh for cute!").

    1. you know, i'm not familiar with the "oh for" construction, but i can totally imagine minnesotans saying it.


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