Monday, April 16, 2012

Hang On To Me Baby And Let's Hope That the Roof Stays On

When I was in college, my best friend Ellie and I listed to a lot of Bob Dylan, and we really liked to use his lyrics in our everyday life to describe how we were feeling, to tell a story or make a joke. This weekend as poor Lola was wailing in her kennel and Elsa wouldn't leave her side (even though she was terrified) and Andrew and I fought back tears, I kept thinking that we just needed to hold onto each other and hope that the roof stays on.

Lola's TPLO surgery went fine. She did well and is a young and resilient dog girl. The vet was surprised that she was even walking before the surgery given how much pain she must have been in. He was impressed with her strength and will, and she'll need it to recover.

As much as I tried to prepare myself for the surgery and recovery, I was totally overwhelmed when she came home on Friday night. It was a major surgery involving sawing her bone in half and reattaching it at a lesser angle with a titanium plate and five screws. I almost burst into tears when we saw the x-ray of her leg with the plate and screws, but that was nothing compared to this weekend.

The vet gave her a pain patch, and the medication causes severe anxiety, which manifests itself in constant moaning, crying, howling, shrieking, etc. One way to minimize the dysphoria is to show no stress, anxiety or fear so that she can remain as calm as possible. You can imagine how hard it is to hold back when your poor dog girl is so distraught that she can't even close her eyes or take a breath without crying.

It was a tough weekend with little sleep and lots of distress chez nous, but we hung on to each other and the roof stayed on. We took turns sitting on the floor near her kennel talking to her softly, Andrew slept near her during the night when she was confused and scared, and sweet little Elsa spent the weekend staring into Lola's kennel worried as can be.

Some sweet scenes from the weekend:

Elsa just stared into Lola's kennel all weekend. At one point during the confusion, she even hopped in there with Lola.

Through the spare room window. Andrew and Lola getting some fresh air on one of her few breaks outside.

The patch is off, and Lola has calmed way down. She is quiet and peaceful and aware of her surroundings. We made it through the weekend (barely). And now we are ready to tackle six weeks of recovery.


  1. Oh man, that sounds so hard. I'm glad to hear she's on the mend and you're hanging in there! It's so cute that Elsa is being supportive too.

  2. Oh, that must be so stressful for the whole family. Thinking of you guys and hoping for a speedy and fully recovery. hugs

  3. Oh gosh. I'm glad the surgery is over. Poor girl. On a lighter note, Elsa looks HUGE in that picture looking Lola!

  4. aw, poor baby! hope she's on the mend quickly! glad you all survived the weekend!

  5. thanks, guys! she is on the mend and ready for her recovery.


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