Monday, April 23, 2012


This weekend was full of recovery, resting and catching up.

Lola went to her one-week check-up on Friday, and her doctor was very impressed. He said she is doing better than can be expected. She had her bandages removed, and she doesn't even need a hard cast because she is healing so quickly. She is still confined to her crate, but she can now go on two short walks per day. We walk down the street and back, and it is the highlight of her day. We have to hold her back. She wants to run free and wild. She goes back in two weeks for another check-up, and then I think she'll begin physical therapy. It's hard to imagine that just a week ago we were all so miserable.

We spent the weekend recovering from last weekend and all of the worrying we did for Lola. On Friday afternoon, I attended a hike of the upper watershed for work, and it was such a lovely way to end the busy week. By the time I got home, I had transitioned from the work week to the weekend with no unwinding necessary.

We took long bike rides, dined al fresco, exercised, slept in, and ate brunch. It was great. While I slept in on Sunday morning, Andrew was out zipping around on his bike picking up bagels and flowers. A nice surprise to wake up to! AND we dove into spring cleaning and purging. We accomplished a lot.


Hey, thank you!

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