Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Evening

Sunday morning flowers
This weekend feels so satisfying. After a rough week last week, I was really ready to relax. I had to work Saturday morning giving a tour of my project to several public committee members, which I was quite nervous about, but it went great. Andrew had spent the morning working in the yard so when I was done we treated ourselves to lunch at one of our favorite cafes. I came home on Saturday afternoon and took a nap in the middle of the day, which I never do, and then we hung out on our front porch making plans for our fence. We watched a lovely movie on Saturday night - Midnight in Paris - which I didn't know anything about. I hadn't seen a preview or read anything about it, but I knew we would like it because we usually like Woody Allen films. I wasn't expecting to love it, and it made me nostalgic for wandering around Paris.

On Sunday morning we went grocery shopping, picked up some flowers, made raspberry white chocolate scones and did stuff around the house. Andrew fixed our electrical problem, and I sneaked Elsa out to the dog park (Lola can't run free yet with her knee problem).

Big husband fixing outlets in a little space.

My division recently moved to a new building and my new office is a little dreary so I splurged and ordered some artwork on etsy this week. I also ordered a bunch of photos of us doing stuff we love like traveling and fishing and rafting to help remind me why I spend all day in an office. It all arrived by Saturday so I spent the afternoon putting them in frames. 

I'm so excited to have my Minnesota and New Mexico state birds and flowers prints from Dutch Door Press:

and my vintage map of France with a native butterfly from Bug Under Glass:

Tonight we're taking it easy and hanging out around the house. I'm going to make one of our favorite recipes that I had lost track of and recently found again in my recipe book. I'm sitting her with the windows open, the sweet smell of the blossoms from our fruit trees blowing in, drinking a glass of red wine, feeling very satisfied.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a perfect weekend! Love the prints from Dutch Door and so glad you got the relaxing weekend you needed.


Hey, thank you!

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