Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dancin', Walkin' and Kissin'

I was listening to my ipod at the gym this afternoon, and when I ran out of podcasts I shuffled through the music. I have one of those little ipods without a screen that I can clip onto my shirt, which is really convenient, but you never really know what you're going to be listening to. I was just climbing away on the stair master when this sweet song came on:

Yes, that's right, there was wedding music on my ipod so I knew what songs were coming up next. It was so much fun to hear our ceremony music!

Our parents danced down the aisle to Going to the Chapel:

They were really into it. And THEN, we walked down the aisle to I Walk the Line.

After the ceremony, I was so excited that I leaped into Andrew's arms, and Then He Kissed Me came on. A song I have loved since childhood when Elisabeth Shue danced around her bedroom to it in the open scene of Adventures in Babysitting.


  1. I love these photos - everyone looks so happy! The last one is especially cute

  2. You guys are so cute, the happiness radiates from these photos!


Hey, thank you!

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