Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday Weekend: Rivers, Zabar's and Peonies

This is the first Memorial day weekend we haven't spent at the cabin in years, but Lola still isn't 100% and we didn't want to risk it. But, we did bring her down to the River, which is flowing again this weekend to play and she had a ball chasing rocks and romping in the water. I think it is only a matter of a couple of weeks before she can run free and wild again. Although we we stayed in town, I'm happy to report we didn't do one thing around the house this weekend, and it was a great break. Some scenes from our long weekend...

Zabar's dinner. (Andrew's parents lived in Manhattan when he was little, and they'd often go there to get good cheese and meats for dinner. Even though they haven't lived there for some 25 years, everyone in the family still likes to eat Zabar's dinners regularly.)

Hiking in the ski basin. We learned our lesson from last year when they shut down all of the forests in June because of wild fires, and we went while we still have the chance. I haven't been up there since ski season ended, and it felt so good to be out of town and in the fresh air.

Waiting for the peonies to open. (They are in full bloom now in case you're wondering.) I read Lily's lovely post Peonies: A One Act Play on Friday afternoon and headed straight to the grocery store to procure my own peonies. Unfortunately, they are not good growers here in New Mexico so I need to rely on Trader Joe to supply my annual peonie fix.

More drama on the Chama. The Chama is actually NOT dramatic much at all, but it is so fun to say...  This was our first time out this year. We did a day run and it was hectic at the put in and take out because of the holiday crowds, but we felt all alone on the River. Nothing beats a day on the water!

And the drive toward Abiquiu was gorgeous.

These are taken about a mile south of Ghost Ranch.

And now here we are on Monday evening, lounging around having happy hour and feeling quite relaxed.


  1. Your Zabar's dinner looks awesome. I just sent Forrest an email begging for monthly Zabar's dinners when we're traveling in the van.

    I'm also glad to hear Lola is doing better and I hope she'll be at 100% soon!

    1. Thanks, Beth.

      Zabar's dinner is perfect for camping or traveling because you can eat it anywhere with no cooking or gear.

  2. Hi Meghan,

    We really enjoyed your post about your Zabar's dinner! So did you or Andrew's parents make a trip to NYC or did you have your order shipped from

    Is it alright with you if we share it on our blog?

    1. Hi Tiffany -
      yes, of course, share away!

      Andrew's brother lives in NYC, and sometimes he sends us Zabar's goodies. and sometimes we just round up the best bread, cheese and proscuitto we can find at our local deli, but we still call it Zabar's dinner.

    2. Hi Meghan,
      Oh, that's great. I love the idea of calling a combination of your favorite foods a Zabar's Dinner!


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