Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Ra ra ra for sky u ma!

I haven't been home to Minnesota since last September, and I am so homesick. The years that we spend Christmas in New Mexico are especially hard for me. I was hoping to go home this spring but the plane tickets were ridiculously expensive and even more ridiculous was my vacation accrual.

Except for Andrew and the girlies (and my cousin Patrick but I get to see him in MN when I visit) all of my favorite people in the world live in Minneapolis - my best friends and my family and I miss them so much. I need the recharge of being surrounded by people who know me so well and who I love more than anything.

Loving where we're from seems to be a Minnesotan thing...

Spending time at home is so rejuvenating for me, and as much as I like our friends and our wonderful life in New Mexico, sometimes the torrid parts outweigh the terrific and it wears me down. Sometimes I just need to go home and be in the place where I'm from.  Do you ever feel like that? I feel such a strong sense of place and that has always been important to me. No matter where I go my heart will always live in Minnesota, and it feels so good to spend time in a place where I'm so at home and surrounded by my people.

land o' cutes

It can be hard to be from a place that people don't leave. Sometimes I feel like the fool who hunkered down somewhere else when I already had the chance to hunker down in a hunkering down, my people place.

miss you


  1. Austin is TOTALLY that for me. I'm feeling a bit homesick lately too. I was home in March but we were so busy hosting friends and going to SXSW I don't feel like I was able to fully recharge. I was thinking about going home this summer but suddenly tickets are $400, usually they're $250! Ugh. Skype dates help...and maybe even starting to plan your trip, even if it's in December, will help.

    1. I'm going to look into skype this weekend and I did start planning my labor day trip, which makes it a lot better. Knowing I'll be there in a couple of months makes me so excited

  2. gah-- i've been feeling the same. what is it about minnesota that just never lets go of your heart?

    1. I think a big part of it (for me at least) is that no one else has left so it always feels like I'm missing something by not being there. That and it's the best state ever obvs!


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