Monday, July 2, 2012

Tired Dog Girls = The Sign of a Good Weekend

It seems like our summer weeks are flying by so fast! Our evenings are filled with trips to the gym because it is just too darn hot to exercise outside followed by late dinners on the back patio watching the sunset and dreaming about the future. Before I know it, it is the weekend all over again. I was extra distracted last week by a trip to the vet for Elsa to have three fox tails removed from her ear. She's a trooper and is doing great, and we all headed to the cabin this weekend. Lola ran and swam in the River and chased rocks like nothing had ever happened to her leg - I was so proud of her. And, here we are again on Monday afternoon. Lola and Elsa didn't even get up when I came home from work today because they are still exhausted from the weekend. C'est bon signe!

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