Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fair! 2012

So true!

We are back from my much anticipated and most beloved annual Labor Day trip home to Minnesota. I was going to write about visiting home after not going for so long and all of the fun stuff we did in Minneapolis, but I really don't think I can let a year go by without capturing our annual visit to the Fair!  Here are some scenes from the best state fair ever! Minnesotans are a lucky people!

Once a year isn't often enough!
I miss MPR
Pup toast 2012
A seriously HUGE cabbage

A new addition this year was a photo shoot featuring us (mostly me) reacting to fun Fair! finds:
Seriously! This duck is too cute!

Another new addition was a Fair app - thank you googly phones!

Apparently, it wasn't ALL carefree fun though. Look at this shot Andrew caught of us looking a little stressed.

Nothing another pronto can't cure!

Looking forward to 2013...

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  1. Oh, the one of you and Rosie with the flower is so cute. And I also LOVE the "vote no once, vote no twice, let's keep Minnesota nice!" Very nice.


Hey, thank you!

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