Monday, October 1, 2012

City Mouse Country Mouse Out and About


Andrew and I are opposites in many ways, including city versus country. When we first met, I was a lot more of a city mouse and he was a lot more of a country mouse (a wilderness mouse, really). Over the years, we've both learned to better like the other locale. In my case, I've come to genuinely love spending time in the Nature; and Andrew doesn't hate cities quite as much as he used to. Even though we've both changed, I think we'll always be a city mouse and country mouse at heart, which can make planning vacations kind of challenging. So what are we to do?! We're trying to find the balance of the best of both. First up, we've booked a quick trip to Seattle for our anniversary and then we're headed to Moab this fall.


I've never been to Seattle before, and Andrew hasn't been back since his parents moved away from Bainbridge Island six years ago. I'm looking forward to riding public transit(!), eating fresh seafood, learning to like oysters, an all you can eat cheese buffet(!!!!!!), happy hours, tall buildings, gritty urban scenes, a ferry ride to the island and an underground tour. I can't wait!

And in Moab, I'm looking forward to returning to one of our favorite and most private camping spots of all time, red sand on my skin, stunning views, gritty desert scenes, arches and dinosaur prints, chilly nights with lots of cuddling in the tent, camp fires and greasy hamburgers. I can't wait!

The best of both worlds...

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