Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's November...

Thanksgiving 2005 in Taos

And you know what that means - Thanksgiving menu planning! I usually scour the bon appétit and blogs for new ideas, but since we missed Thanksgiving dinner last year while we were in Nicaragua, I want to go with our traditional favorites. I'm going to research new appetizers, but the rest is going to be our tried and true favs.

2012 Thanksgiving Menu Chez MeghAndrew 

Appetizers - TBD, but we'll probably serve at least one of the usual suspects
Apéritif - Gruet sparkling wine with dancing pomegranate seeds

Salad - Mixed Greens with Blue Cheese, Cranberries and Candied Pecans
(I'm also considering making a New Mexican Christmas Salad since we'll be traveling this year and might not have the chance to make it for Christmas)  

The Ultimate Turkey, obvs... 
Our local coop sells turkeys raised locally, and they are always very tasty.

Grand Marnier Apricot Stuffing

Andrew's special Sweet Potatoes - yet to be determined is what letter we'll put on this year... 

Green Bean Casserole - this will actually be new to us this year, but my sister's boyfriend is visiting and has requested it. You know my aversion to cream of xx cans of soup so I'm going to find a recipe that is more appetizing to me. I'm thinking that the pioneer woman's recipe looks promising. Any other ideas, folks?

Rolls - Andrew likes potato rolls but we're also considering making biscuits. I guess this is tbd too...

Dessert - my favorite pumpkin pie and apple pie with cheddar crust. My sister has also requested sweet potato pie with graham cracker crust. I haven't had great luck with graham cracker crusts but we'll see.

And, of course, we're planning a day trip on Friday, which is really just a good excuse for a picnic with our favorite sandwiches and mimosas!

Are you trying anything different this year? What menus are you planning????


  1. I'm so excited for this month and Thanksgiving too. We live near Chris's fam and they decided to go out for Thanksgiving this year, I'm kind of sad but I figure I'll make my favorite dishes and then I don't have to share! ;) I can definitely eat a whole pumpkin pie on my own!

  2. What letter did you put on?!?!?

    They don't serve green bean casserole at Billy's girlfriend's house, so he makes his own every year now. Funny.


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