Saturday, November 3, 2012

LIfe is Good Today

dans la cuisine

Uffda, it's been a long week - a long several weeks actually. I've been super busy at work, and I haven't had time to cook much. We've been eating out and picking up take out more often than I'd like to admit. This weekend Andrew and Lola headed to the cabin to continue repairs after the break-in.  I wasn't quite ready to go back yet, and I decided to stay home and relax. 

I haven't been sleeping well, and I've been stressed at work so I really just wanted to sleep and recoup this weekend. I haven't had much energy to plan meals let alone cook them, but after 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep on Friday night, I was awake at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. I stayed in bed for a few more hours hanging out with Elsa and thinking about what I was going to COOK! I spent all day today cooking, cooking, cooking! 

I made pasta sauce with Italian sausage and red peppers in the slow cooker, chicken stock for green chile stew and chocolate chip cookies from the Rebar cookbook. It was so fun to spend the whole day in the kitchen chopping, mincing, sautéing, simmering, mixing, baking. I even took a nice little nap during the day's activities, and now I'm watching Amélie and waiting for my loves to come home from Taos. Life is good today!

Tomorrow, I'm going to make the green chile stew and bake a carrot cake with the last of our carrots from the garden. 


  1. Oh that sounds perfect! My favorite days are spent cooking and listening to podcasts. Such a great way to de-stress and re-center.

  2. Cooking is such a satisfying way to spend a few hours. I had a big day in the kitchen yesterday too, it's nice to have a well stocked freezer for a change!


Hey, thank you!

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