Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letting Go and Moving On

So, it’s been a month since The Plan went into action. A lot has changed. I’ve removed myself from a toxic situation. I had the courage to stand up for myself one last time and then I left, and I’m trying not to look back. Moving on and letting go is the name of the game these days.

A big part of being able to do this was gaining some distance and traveling pretty far away geographically and culturally from Santa Fe. I thought a beach vacation would be nice, but on a whim we decided to go to Barcelona and Paris instead. Before I moved to New Mexico, I spent a lot of time in France traveling, studying and teaching and it seemed like a good place to reset and find that part of me I felt like I had lost. This trip was a wonderful whirlwind of wandering narrow streets, eating amazing food, drinking cava and red wine, and reminiscing, but it was also a great time to be really far away from home, regain some footing and remember that life is so much more than what has been bogging me down from day to day. Back soon with recaps – mostly of what we ate…

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