Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now, That's The Kind of Dog We Want to See in Movies!

Several years ago in Portland, Elsa and I were standing outside of a gelato shop waiting for Andrew. I was standing around the side of the building in the shade, and Elsa had sat down near the front of the building to get a good look at Andrew as he purchased our gelato. A family was sitting at the tables in front of the shop, and the kids were cooing over how cute Elsa is. After agreeing that she was the cutest thing ever, the grandmother emphatically announced to the whole family, "Now, that's the kind of dog we want to see in the movies!" The family wasn't paying any attention to me, and I don't know if they knew I could overhear them, but as you can imagine, my heart swelled with joy for my tiny cutie #37. All this way from the Los Lunas animal shelter, in the big city and everything, and she was still melting hearts with her cuteness. I have no idea what the family had been discussing leading up to this encounter - dog movie stars?? - but it made me extremely happy.

We always joke about Elsa becoming a dog movie star. Who are we to deny the people what they want after all? So, with that, I'm sharing with you a video I found on our camera this weekend of Elsa after a bath. Dogs are always so cute after baths with all their wriggling around and shaking. I love how Andrew directs me to let her wriggle a little more for the sake of the video!

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  1. What a cutie! The post-bath crazies are hilarious!


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