Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Day in Denver

We had to go to Denver recently for work, and we had a free day to see a little of the city. Denver is not someplace I've ever spent time before, and we didn't do any research ahead of time, but we found a couple of fun things to do.

We had brunch at Snooze, a popular and excellent breakfast restaurant near downtown. We had to wait about an hour for a table - which I found to be true at every place we went in Denver. Are there just not enough restaurants in Denver? Should we move there and open one? We discussed these questions over breakfast along with doozies like - Who is the genius who thought up serving pot pies for breakfast? Why don't we have any decent eggs benedict in New Mexico? I had the classic eggs benedict and another called the early harvest benny with chive pistou, wild mushrooms, fennel and asparagus ragout. Yum! Andrew had the breakfast pot pie made in a puff pastry with rosemary sausage gravy and topped with an egg. This is the best breakfast we've had in a long time!

After breakfast, we visited the Molly Brown House Museum. I always love house museums and getting a glimpse into life in a different time. I especially love the kitchens. We took a guided tour and learned a little about Margaret Tobin Brown, Colorado and Denver history and saw a pretty sweet pantry!

After the house museum, we walked downtown and had a drink at the Ship Tavern in the gorgeous Brown Palace Hotel. It was the day of the Kentucky Derby so there were lots of ladies in fun hats and lots of mint juleps. We sat in the corner and enjoyed the people watching.

We finished our day with a baseball game at Coors Field and saw the Rockies beat Tampa Ray. We bought our tickets at the last minute, but we had awesome seats and it was an exciting game. I like the scale of their stadium a lot. Seeing the Twins is fun, but their new stadium is just so huge that it feels a little overwhelming. While the scale was nice for actually watching the game, the food options were pretty disappointing. I guess we're spoiled at the Twins Stadium with lots of options and some actual good food. Oh well, lesson learned - eat before you go!

Despite not doing any research or planning, we had a pretty fun day in Denver.

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