Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Clearing

I’ve been trying to create more space in my life for creativity and openness to change. I’m doing lots of things that I think contribute to this goal, and a major one is rearranging the house to reflect how we want to live.

We moved our primary living space out of our living room and into the dining room. The dining room table went out into the shed for now as we try this out. Our dining room really is the most pleasant room in the house with lots of bright natural light, a cozy fireplace and it opens up to the backyard and views of the Jemez mountains (somewhat obscured, but we’ll take what we can get). It’s a lovely place to hang out and relax. I’m sitting in here right now typing and watching the sunset. We also moved the television to this room. I hated that when you walked in the house, the first thing you saw was a big, ugly television. So now it’s tucked away in the back of the house where you don’t see it unless you want to.

Our living room is fairly big, and we’re transforming it into our creative room for working on projects. I think if we create more space in our life for creativity, we’ll be more creative. Andrew is building us a big table that we’re going to use as a desk, and I’m planning to hang a big cork board for real life pinning. We’ll be able to use the big table as a dining table when we have guests over, and when it is just the two of us, we can eat at the small table in the kitchen.

We’ve moved the furniture, and we were getting ready to set up our new project room. We told ourselves that repainting would be too much work for now, and we should try this out before we go to all that trouble. But, then as we looked around the empty room ready for our new table and cork boards, we realized it really does make sense to paint now. In addition to being practical, I don’t think we can spark creativity in a room with a color that drains our energy and spirit. After reading Andrea’s post about making a clearing in your life in order to make your dreams happen, I decided that getting rid of the blue is going to be my clearing. I’m so excited to be able to walk into the house and be greeted by an inspiring room rather than the blue room, which feels stifling and literally sucks positive energy from us.

Out of all the colors that the previous owners had, the blue is by far the worst. After painting our bedroom, and absolutely loving the results, I was feeling much more confident about repainting the rest of the house. Honestly, we’ve hated the colors since we first looked at this house, but I was just never ready to start painting. It wasn’t really an option when we first moved in because we were too busy planning our wedding, and after the wedding, I just never felt ready to paint. That sounds a little weird when I read it, but I think that’s a good way to describe it. I was feeling stuck and I couldn’t unstick myself enough to commit to paint colors. Because the living room, kitchen and dining room are all connected and you see all three when you enter the house, I want all of the rooms to go together and look cohesive. Picking three colors and figuring out how to transition between the rooms without any right angles or clear delineations from one room to the next was daunting. Even this summer, the bedroom was one thing, but the whole rest of the house was another beast that I wasn’t really sure I was ready to tackle.

Thinking about it as a clearing makes it easy to feel motivated. I want that blue gone! We’ve spent the weekend sampling colors. Unlike the bedroom, the living room is proving to be difficult to pick a color for because even when a paint sample looks good on one wall, it looks terrible on the adjacent wall. Paint chips and samples that look lovely in the hallway or next to the fireplace look terrible next to the door or window. After a little hand wringing, we’ve settled on a color called sea marsh. The name of the color doesn’t sound very inspiring to me, but Andrew pointed out that we had a great day of fishing in a sea marsh on our honeymoon in Tulum so I’ll maybe I’ll think of that day when I see the walls from now on. The color is a sage-y gray-ish color. I had wanted a color called garden glade that was absolutely perfect until we put the sample up and it looked way too yellow. The color we picked is nicer, but still I would have preferred if garden glade had worked out. So good on paper but it just wasn’t what I was expecting or wanting in person. It just couldn’t be the color I wanted it to be in real life. I told Andrew it is kind of like dating! 


  1. I am so happy you are making this change and inviting creativity in, I can tell through your words that it is such a great change for you. Sometimes you just need new color and a new furniture arrangement! I am going through something similar and your post struct a cord. We did a massive purging this weekend and got rid of so much stuff. I am also feeling like I want to invite creativity and change into my life...I'm not sure where it will lead but it was so perfect that you posted the link to Andrea's website. I just signed up for the Mondo Beyondo course, could not come at a more perfect time. Can't wait to see the room when it's done!

    1. Thanks, I'm so happy too!
      I am also taking Mondo Beyondo this fall. I've been wanting to take the class for a while so I'm really looking forward to it. I don't know how much you interact with other participants, but it will be fun to know someone else in the class.
      I don't know exactly where creativity and change will lead me either, but it has definitely hit me lately that unless I intentionally make space in my life for it, it won't happen on its own. I'm excited to see where it takes me. and I want to hear where it takes you too!

    2. Oh how cool! See you in class!

  2. well this is exciting!!!!

    periodically i go through fantasies of repainting my place. i have lived there for eight years or so, and i can't stand the mint green that is on nearly every wall. UGLY! but i have managed to work around it since my twat landlord refuses to let me paint. she is an idiot, but i'll cut THAT particular topic off right now.

    three cheers for makeovers and for making way for creativity. two very good things!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about not being ready to paint. When we first moved into our previous house, we hated the upstairs colors, but thinking about choosing paint and then actually painting was totally overwhelming, so we didn't do it. And then when we were getting ready to sell the house, we just hired painters and picked awesome colors and it was so easy and quick and made such a big difference! Then I wished we'd done it early on, so it's really good that y'all are making this happen now :)

    1. I'm feeling the same way about wishing we had done it sooner. It's not nearly as hard as I had set it up to be in mind. I'm just happy we're doing it now rather than waiting even longer.


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