Friday, September 6, 2013

Fair 2013!

See you next year

Over 236,000 people attended the Fair on September 1 this year. A Fair record! Among all of those people were four friends - oldest friends celebrating 26(!) years of friendship and our partners who love the Fair as much as we do and who have fallen right in stride with our circuit and annual traditions.

The big news from this year’s Fair is that Rosie and I were interviewed by the Discovery Channel for a documentary on fried foods at the Fair. Although I really tried to sell the camera lady on the oldest friend angle, she insisted on interviewing us separately. It was great fun to share our enthusiasm. She asked me if I could give her a tagline about fried food so I told her my line about cheese curds, and she LOVED it! The camera lady told us the documentary would air sometime after January 2014, and that the producer would determine which footage is used. She said, and I’m not making this up, “Just because you two are so enthusiastic and cute, doesn’t mean I can guarantee anything.” She said we’d be contacted if they use our footage so fingers crossed!


  1. i love county fairs! americana! good, tacky fun! lol

    and i hope your interview makes the cut! if it does, you will have to post it!

  2. I don't think they can have an honest account of the fried food at the fair without your tagline for the ages! It will be in there!


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