Friday, October 11, 2013

The Morning After: Montana Mimosas

Our friend Chuck, who used to live in Montana, made these drinks for everyone the morning after our wedding. The ranch manager blasted the siren to feed the cows pretty early so everyone who stayed with us at the ranch was up and about… and a little hungover.

Montana Mimosas
No problem, Chuck to the rescue with Montana Mimosas. It’s simple: beer + orange juice = hangover cure AND a tasty morning beverage. Seriously, they are good!

We used Tecates, but I think you can use any light beer. Apparently, these aren’t as widely known or popular in other parts of the country. My cousin in Washington, D.C. made these at a cocktail party and they were a real novelty.

Montana Mimosas

8 ounces light beer
8 ounces orange juice
(Obviously this recipe is not very exacting so adjust the proportions to your taste.)

Mix and serve.


  1. DUDE. this sounds so good!!!!!!! i am going to try this!!!!

  2. I haven't seen Tecate in a long time! My old boss would always make a quick run to the liquor store before closing up on Saturdays and that was his favorite.

    And I'm sure my hubby would love this drink! :)


Hey, thank you!

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