Monday, November 18, 2013

A Homemade Thanksgiving: 2013 Menu

When I started working on my menu, my theme for this year was a Homemade Thanksgiving. However, as I was reviewing how this menu is different than last year's menu, I realized that we already consistently celebrate a homemade Thanksgiving. The only thing I didn’t make from scratch last year was the dinner rolls, which I’ll be remedying this year.

I suppose a better theme this year is A Traditional Thanksgiving: A New Way. I’m trying lots of new recipes. This can be a little risky, but I think I’ve planned enough food that even with some duds, we’ll still have plenty to eat.

I realize this is a lot of food for our group of five, but we all love leftovers. I think Andrew looks forward to sweet potatoes for breakfast and the ultimate Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich all year!

Since really getting going on the meal planning and prep, I'm finding myself hungry all of the time! My friend Rosie sent me her menu this afternoon, and she's going all out, like usual. We are planning a Skype date with another one of our friends to talk menus. It's pretty much all Thanksgiving, all the time on my mind these days.
2013 Thanksgiving Menu Chez MeghAndrew

Gorgonzola + fig terrine

Blood orange French 75  

Green apple and celery salad with mustard vinaigrette
Turkey + Gravy
Apple, sausage, parsnip stuffing with fresh sage
Veggie Sides
Brussels sprouts hash with caramelized shallots
Andrew's sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes with garlic, mascarpone and caramelized leeks
Broccolini with smoked paprika, almonds and garlic
Herb and cheese poppers
Parker House rolls
Apple pie with cheddar cheese crust
Pecan and chocolate tart with bourbon whipped crème fraîche
I'll post recipes for the hits after I try these out. I did make the herb and cheese poppers yesterday to freeze. I baked a few of them just to try them out, and they are so good!


  1. This sounds AWESOME! I agree that the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers. If there's not enough to last you through the rest of the weekend, then you didn't make enough food!

    1. Totally. I want to hear all the ways you like to use your leftovers - turkey in particular. This year, I'm going to make our traditional leftover turkey sandwiches with brie and mango chutney but I'm also looking for other ways to incorporate the leftovers.

  2. I love that you had a Skype date to talk about menus, so cute. I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving! I'm excited and think it could be a new tradition. I'm realizing that Thanksgiving plays to many of my loves: cooking, organization, traditions, seasonal celebrations, and of course eating! Happy planning!

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing your menu too!

  3. DUDE! what a menu! i wish i could be there to enjoy it!!! lol, sorry if that is creepy!

    my sister is hosting thanksgiving this year, as usual. i will make/bring some tried and trues, but i have stacks of recipes that i have been dying to try, and thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity. some dishes might crash and burn (literally?), but that is ok. it infuriates me when it happens, but one never knows about a recipe until one tries it.

    1. Exact! better to try it and find out than to just keep it in the stack of recipes to try!
      have a great Thanksgiving!
      And it's not creepy at all. I wish I could host a party with awesome food for all of my blogging friends. For now we'll just enjoy the menus and drinks virtually...

  4. Soooooo jealous right now Chefista!!!

  5. how was your thanksgiving? i hope it was FABULOUS!!!!!

    1. It was totally awesome! Hope yours was great too!!


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