Thursday, March 20, 2014

Around Here Lately...

It hasn't been a great week. The biggest highlights are that someone hit our car in our driveway and sped off and one of my best friends in New Mexico moved back to California. We've also had some weird stuff happen. It's been stressful and sad and just plain odd this week, and I'm counting down until Friday night...

I decided to take a look at my photo stream to cheer me up, and I found some good stuff. (Judging from all of the exclamation points I used below, I think it worked.)

In the meantime, here's what we've been up to lately...

Buying Katy Perry tickets to see her in concert in September!! I am going with my best friend and my sister, and it is going to be so fun. I haven't taken a girls weekend trip in about six years since Ellie and I went to San Francisco. When I moved away from Minnesota, we always said that we'd take a trip together each year, and we've been terrible at actually making it happen. I am SO looking forward to this fun weekend of dancing and pure joy! Ellie, who gets the gold star of the year for agreeing to go to the concert with me BEFORE even hearing any Katy Perry songs, is already working on finding us fun and colorful outfits!

Learning how to make italian sausage in class. Making the sausage is easy, but putting it in the casings took a little practice. I have a meat grinding attachment for my mixer at home, and I'm looking forward to making more sausage. I always love adding more homemade food to my repertoire.

Being swept away by a ballet performance of Peter and the Wolf, a beloved childhood story for both of us. When I moved here, Andrew still had his cassette tape from when he was little and gave it to me to listen to in my car. (Yes, my car still plays cassette tapes!) It is Peter and the Wolf on one side and Carnival of the Animals on the other side, and is my favorite tape (well, maybe tied with Dirty Dancing).

Trying new restaurants during Restaurant Week. Does your town have a Restaurant Week? In Santa Fe, it is every year toward the beginning of March. There are a lot of restaurants that participate with prix fixe meals that range from $25 per couple to $40 per person. I tried three new places, and it was fun to eat at some places that I wouldn't normally be able to afford.

Skiing one (last?) amazing powder day for the season. It snowed all day on a Saturday, and the resort was empty. Maybe the roads were too bad for people? It was an epic day and so fun and a good way to end the season. By Sunday, the sun was out, the snow was icy and the mountain was filled with spring breakers. It was a jewel of a Saturday for us. We may be able to get a few more days in, but I'm happy with our end of the season storm.

Drinking local Taos Lightning Bourbon. The price tag on this is pretty high, but after picking up a bottle and sipping it in front of the fire, it was was so worth it.

Eating BLT pizza with bacon, fresh tomatoes, a sprinkling of blue cheese and topped with fresh romaine when it is taken out of the oven. It is our new favorite pizza, and lately, we've been having it every week or so.

Making the pink lady cake from Smitten Kitchen to say goodbye to Marla. We had a Zabar's Dinner, drank red wine and ate lots of cake. Unfortunately this cake looks better than it tastes. It was a little dense and the strawberry flavor wasn't strong enough. It sure looked pretty though.

Mountain Biking on the La Tierra Trails. Andrew has been biking since he was a kid and is very talented. I just started a few years ago. Improving my mountain biking has been a long-time goal of mine, and the City has recently completed a network of trails with varying levels of difficulty. It's been dry enough to ride already, and it feels really good to get my heart racing.

And, seeing this awesome groove machine at the collision shop. I wish I had booked this for our wedding!


  1. It sucks that someone hit your car but yay for katy perry tickets!

  2. Sorry you had a bad week, but I'm glad you also have some fun to look forward to.

  3. Sorry your week was ... odd. Really sorry. :-(

  4. Loved this post!!! I read it to Mike and said "but I already know most of this cuz she's my friend!" HaHa....'cept for the Taos for water and that funny van!! LoL!!! You're going to see Katy P!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my this does sound like a stressful week. This SNL skit should give you a chuckle when my friend and I who are originally from NY lived in Seattle we use to roll on the floor when we watched this.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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