Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Now. {Paying Attention, Slowing Down}

I read something in passing the other day that struck me. Something that made me step outside myself and pay more attention to what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. It was a blog post about something totally different, but it mentioned something about not wistfully focusing on the past because it distracts you from the present.

I love reminiscing. I love looking backward. I also love looking forward. Making big plans. Day dreaming about where I'll travel to, what hikes I'll take this summer, what recipes I'll make, what vegetables I'll grow. I think there's a great place for reminiscing and dreaming in my life, but I have been distracted lately. I'm really feeling the need to focus on the NOW and these moments currently. It's part of what I choose daily.

I hate to admit that I haven't been doing a very good job of this lately. My natural tendency is to always be thinking of the next thing. I like to move fast, but slowing down to pedal speed is part of the whole goal of my life.

I feel ready for a change. Maybe it's the change of seasons. Maybe it's the fresh air blowing through the open windows that have been shut up all winter. It's been too long since I tried something new and pushed myself to pursue.

I'm feeling like I need to refocus on NOW and how this NOW is preparing me for the future I want. Being really conscious of the decisions I'm making now.

Do you ever find yourself losing sight of the now? How do you recenter yourself?


  1. I'm very much the same way, it's hard for me to live in the NOW. But it's true, what happens in the now is the only way to get to the future you want. Making that list of our ideal life really helps me because I can go back and look at it and see what I'm currently spending my time doing that doesn't align with that future. I also think a mini-retreat to just write, read, even just see a movie or have a meal alone can be nice. Just a chance to let your mind wander and see what comes up. Great post.

    1. oh yes, a mini-retreat sounds so nice. We are still waiting for our truck to be fixed at the collision shop, and as soon as we get it back, I can't wait to head to the cabin where there are no distractions. We are going to have a little mini-staycation this weekend in Santa Fe hiking and biking so that will help too.
      I think the practice of paying attention to what you're doing daily and how it aligns with the life you want is so valuable. That's a good reminder to revisit our list and be more conscious of it daily.

  2. I feel ya - sometimes I have to fight to stay present, sometimes it comes easy. How to focus on the now . . it depends. Taking a shower, doing yoga, or breaking out the fun music and dance moves all help. But if it's more of an anxious worrying about the future, I make a list or a plan of what I'm going to do about it and then jump in.

    1. A dance party in the kitchen almost always helps! :)

  3. I love that photo Meghan!!


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