Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Long Weekend in Minneapolis in Photos

 wild turkeys of northeast minneapolis. 
they moved in sometime during the last decade. eek!
 panang curry
 a program i helped start 12 years ago. time for a new sign.
 pizzeria lola
day drinking
 korean bbq and hawaii-o
 there in spirit
 photo booth
 only the necessities
 minnehaha falls
 beer chasers = things you miss when you leave the midwest
and cute to boot!
 smoked pork shoulder
missing family already

the main event:
love these two!
 so excited
 such a touching ceremony
 lots of smiles
 sooooooo happy
 oldest friends
 behind the scenes lighting assisting
the world's best photographer


  1. These photo just scream fun times!!! I love a bit of cheeky day drinking :)

  2. Me too!! I only do it on vacation so it makes it extra fun!


Hey, thank you!

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