Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Snapshots Fall 2014

September 13
We wake up to a cloudy morning and decide to try some trails at the Galisteo Basin Preserve that we know don't have much shade. As we drive towards El Dorado, the clouds burn off and the sun comes out. We ride up and over the ridge, up and over another ridge. We stop at a small viewpoint, and I find this tiny dog statue. It looks very similar to my cousin's dog statue. Suddenly, I'm seeing them everywhere. We eat a few shot bloks and keep riding. I practice riding on loose rock and turning on switchbacks. We stop in a shady spot to take a break and talk about how excited we are for Moab.

September 25
Santa Fe
Andrew and I meet for lunch before I head to the airport to see Katy Perry. My bags are packed and my nails are ready. We are one day off the Whole30, and it is a novelty to eat out at a restaurant.

October 4
White Mesa
We head south to ride at White Mesa before meeting friends in Albuquerque for lunch. I think it will be good practice for riding in Moab, and I learn quickly that the exposure of riding along a ridge is enough to stop me in my tracks. Even so, I push myself hard and ride sections of trail that terrify me. It will indeed be good practice for Moab.

October 5
Santa Fe
A sunny afternoon. Us and the girls strolling through our neighborhood and walking downtown to run errands and pick up last minute items at REI before the trip to Moab. The shadow of this puppy slays me. I literally can't get enough.

October 10
Santa Fe
We celebrate our ten year anniversary by going out for sazeracs and then tapas and Spanish guitar. A long table of a dozen older ladies fills the restaurant. After having several drinks, they begin dancing on the tables. The Spanish guitar player is beyond pleased. Our cheeks have rosied up after a glass of wine, and the energy in the air is palpable. We order another bottle of wine, a special wine on the menu for Balloon Fiesta, which our server has described as f*ing amazing. We agree.

October 25
Andrew's dad is visiting, and we take a day trip to Taos. The canyon is on fire with brilliant golden leaves from the cottonwoods. We stop along the river to enjoy the crisp, cool weather. We see dozens and dozens of big horn sheep in the canyon while hiking and driving up to the rim. We ride our bikes along the rim of the canyon before stopping in town for pizza. As we drive home through the canyon, the moon begins to rise above the canyon wall. The sun hangs low and the golden leaves shine. I remember the first time I drove through this canyon 12 years earlier and think it must have been around this time of year. Something in my spirit feels the same. Then I realize that it is the anniversary of Paul Wellstone's death, which coincides with the anniversary of my first visit to New Mexico. Funny how our bodies remember anniversaries.

October 31
Santa Fe
After not dressing up for years and years, I decide to partake in the festivities this year. Inspired by our time in Las Vegas, I join my best friend, 1200  miles away, in being a pink flamingo. Not wanting to be a party pooper, Andrew dresses up as Larry Bird. As he drops me off at work in the morning, he leans over and tells me that we are both birds today. I spend the rest of the day enjoying the novelty of Mr. and Mrs. Bird.

November 1
I doze off on the couch while Andrew watches a movie. Lola, the puppy who refused to sit still and who hated cuddling, lets me hold her paw. The next day, I find lots of photos on my phone documenting this sweet moment.


  1. Wow you have been busy! I love seeing all your travel photos and that puppy shadow slays me too :)

    1. Thanks!
      Love that shadow. I have waaaay too many photos of it on my phone!


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