Monday, November 17, 2014

The List: Things to Do in New Mexico

Mural in Mountainair, NM 

A few weeks ago, while my father-in-law was visiting, we rode a trail in Taos that we have been meaning to try for years. It has literally been years that Andrew has mentioned that he wants to ride along the rim trail. It's not difficult to get to or out of our way, but for all of these years, we've just never stopped to give it a try. This was also the case with Puye Cliffs, which we visited with my mom in the spring.

I'm not going to live in New Mexico forever, and I don't want to leave knowing that there are places I wanted to visit and things I wanted to see but I just never got around to them. That's why I've started a list of things I want to do before we leave.

On my list are things that I've been wanting to do like camping at White Sands under the full moon, hiking in the Gila wilderness, cross country skiing in the Valles Caldera and riding sections of the Great Divide Trail.

The list also includes things that I want to do again like bird watching at Bosque del Apache, visiting Chaco Canyon and hiking at El Malpais.

I divided my list up by region, and it will probably continue to grow, but it feels good to start crossing items off. I also started a list of things to do in the Southwest like rafting the Grand, visiting Canyon de Chelly and riding the White Rim Trail. We certainly have no shortage of adventures ahead of us!

Do you keep a list of places to visit in your town or region?

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  1. I need to do this, too! There are some beautiful places nearby that we have never made it out to see. There's even a state park in town that we could take a bike camping trip to, but never have. It seems I cross things off whenever we have company in town and want to show off the area, but never make a point to do it with just us. I'll have to change that!


Hey, thank you!

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