Sunday, December 14, 2014

Campari Love, Love


Campari love, everybody tells me so
Campari love, no, no, no! (Yes, yes, yes!)
(sung to the tune of Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles)

Andrew sang this to me the other day at the liquor store when I bought a bottle of Campari. Moments like that always make me so thankful that we found each other!

Andrew is out of town this weekend, and I made myself a pamplemousse as an apĂ©ritif last night before eating the shrimp scampi pasta I have whenever he is out of town. Isn't it stunning? 

I've been trying to expand my palette for bitterness lately, and although a Negroni is a little much for me at this point, this cocktail is a good one to ease into liking Campari. Actually, it requires very, very little easing in because it is delicious. The Campari amplifies the flavor of the grapefruit, and it is as good as it is gorgeous. 

From Orangette

1/2 ounce Campari
2 ounces fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, strained
2 ounces dry white wine

Fill a shaker with ice, Campari, grapefruit juice, and wine. Shake and pour into a glass. 

Makes 1 drink.


  1. Oooo -- that sounds great! I have Campari love, too! Keep trying on the Negroni -- it's one of my favorite drinks, and one of my friends pointed out that it's a great way to drink gin in the winter, if you've been worried about finding ways to drink gin lately.


    1. Hmm, I hadn't really thought about it, but I guess I don't really drink gin very often in the winter. But I think we picked up a bottle at the liquor sale the other day so I might as well break it out before the summer. I'll work up to the Negroni!

    2. Have you ever wondered if you're a supertaster? 25% of the population is! They really don't like bitter things. I did an experiment with some of my students to find out -- you paint your tongue blue with food coloring and then put a hole-punch reinforcer on it and use a magnifying glass to count the bumps in the hole-punch area. If you have more than 35, you're a supertaster! You can look it up, there's more detailed instructions out there. I am a normal taster, on the low end, which might explain why I don't mind bitter foods too much.


    3. Oh! I'll have to try this test!! I have a very keen nose so maybe I will find that I have a sensitive sense of taste too.

      I'm learning to like bitter things and the older I get the more I like them. I remember thinking that endive was totally awful 10 years ago and now I can eat it raw and find it very pleasant.


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